smart home product website

website design process
project overview
This website was created to coincide with the launch of Savant's all new line of mid-level consumer products.
my contributions
In addition to collaborating on design, IĀ helped the team create personas, user journeys, mockups and rapid prototypes, participated in user centric research, user flows and wireframing. While the site was in a staging environment before launch IĀ assisted with user testing and q.a.
above is an example of my design contribution
Savant is a luxury automation brand previously sold to affluent clientele exclusively through a network of integrators and other partners. With the launch of a mid-level consumer-grade line of products, the website needed to serve two distinct groups, business-to-business and retail consumer. A challenge that the team faced immediately was retaining the trust and support of these long-standing integrators and other partners while simultaneously capturing the imagination of a new category of customers looking for an off-the-shelf home automation kit.
the team identified six distinct user personas
this site map was assembled after many rounds of multilevel collaboration and brainstorming among fellow design team members, engineering and executives
Much consideration was given to the site layout and structure. Up to this point, the Savant brand was known by word-of-mouth among a very exclusive group of wealthy clientele. It was extremely important to the brand image to maintain this aura of exclusivity while also courting a new category of retail consumers. In addition, the site needed to quickly satisfy the technical needs of professional installers looking for support and to facilitate business-to-business sales through integrators, partners and architects.
this website would serve the needs of both casual users new to the Savant brand in addition to supporting the technical needs of long-standing business-to-business partners